City Adventures Builds Teams

City Adventures Builds Teams

City Adventures Builds Teams

Looking for a fun, engaging way to bring your office or team together?  City Adventures provides just that.  An entertaining adventure that is not only fun but can have beneficial long-term effects. 

City Adventures can help employees or corporations actually become better employees through their adventures.  Employees learn things like the importance of working together, friendly competition, and leadership.

Team building exercises have been shown to help teams work together in the office.  It can help show the importance of collaboration and creative thinking.   An example of a good team building exercise through City Adventures is the Luigi Cart Challenge.  Teams first have to make their own matching race carts.  Then the team takes their carts on the town to try to collect as many gold coins as they can.  They also have to complete challenges along the way.  The team with the most points at the end wins.  This challenge promotes teamwork, finding solutions to problems, and encourages communication.

City Adventures also believes that by creating friendly competition between teams will build comradery. In this great activity, Bikes for Tykes, teams have to essentially build bikes that will be donated to a children’s charity.  The team that can do the best job in the least amount of time wins.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished with some friendly competition. 

City Adventures will even host a leadership school for your event.  They aim to help employees develop their leadership qualities through activities that are fun and engaging.  Some examples of this are Ultimate Survivor or the Amazing Team Race.  

In the Ultimate Survivor activity teams have to face other teams in a series of different challenges that can be tailored to your specific company.  This fun activity fosters leadership and inclusion. 

In the Amazing Team Race activity teams have to find different checkpoints in the city.  Once they reach a checkpoint they are given a new country and challenge.  They are also given hurdles that may throw off their game.   To win this race it is essential to work together as a team.  You have to strategize and utilize your teammate’s strengths.

Whichever activity you choose to be most beneficial for your corporation, one thing is for sure, your employees will have a memorable, fun, and exciting time.  Be sure to check out  On their website, you will find a list of activites, frequently asked questions, and even a blog that has a lot of information on the benefits of team building exercises.